Two scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) were recruited as partners to provide scientific expertise: Dr. Lars Gutow, AWI Bremerhaven, researches microplastics in the oceans, and Dr. Bernhard Diekmann, AWI Potsdam, lectures on the connection between climate and oceans. The scientists were willing to cooperate with the Filmuniversity because they are convinced that a multidisciplinary space is needed to tackle such complex issues.

Armed with scientific input, the story around Camilla, her adventures and her learning experiences regarding plastic waste was developed together with screenwriter Liane Porthun. This story was recorded as an audio book and now forms the thread of the project.

Co-creation is a great way to collaboratively revolve around a complex brief. In 2019, an international masterclass with an introductory symposium was funded by the EU. With this, the Filmuniversity Babelsberg won a congress award in the category “Innovative Event”. In the same year, the project was invited to Los Angeles and discussed on a panel, among others, with Captain Charles Moor, the famous discoverer of garbage patches.

With the web exhibition, the project became accessible to a worldwide audience. For this purpose, the story was divided into six parts. Each part is opened within the framework of partner events: e.g. at a symposium on artistic research in Oslo, at Ars Electronica 2020, etc..
In each part, the story is told further, new artworks are presented, results of the international master class are presented and a scientific-documentary theme is explored in depth. There is also material to download. Analogue exhibitions in museums are planned for 2022.

The story ends with the invitation to the audience: “Do you have an idea how to make it better? Become part of the story. Become part of history.” The continuation therefore consequently takes place in an ArtForFuture Lab.

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